Sunshine Remorse

by Jon Hughes

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released January 12, 2019

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Jon Hughes.

Strings on 'Sunshine Remorse Theme', 'Valleys Whole', and 'Citizen Zero' by Michael Chang.

Mixed by John Burke at Claycastle Studios.

Mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering.

Cover design by Rovigo Manucci and Jon Hughes.


all rights reserved



Jon Hughes Ireland

American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Jon Hughes, has been based in Ireland since 2005. He has shared a stage with Damien Jurado, She Keeps Bees, and the legendary singer-songwriter, Buddy Mondlock.

Hughes' latest collection of songs, "Sunshine Remorse", was released in January of 2019.
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Track Name: Samovars and Scorn
As Capitan of a ghost ship
Sailing through clouds;
Rain the stars for the wishes that were stolen back down
Into your way.

Discussions turn to Russians —
Samovars and scorns;
Take the time for translating our fictional forms
Into our days.

Cause I've been in denial
That my life has been only happening.

Thought streams echo over
Whispers in flight
And they float through the hollows of the whispering night
Into my palm.

Statuesque in the shadows —
Streetlamps and smoke;
And a car passes by for every promise we broke
And keeps driving on.

Cause I've been in denial
That my life has been only happening.
Track Name: Moonless Sleep
I was looking up but the
Greyness was all I could see;
In the open — in a
Puddle of broken dreams;
Asked me for answers — I was
Feeling hard to read,
Cause with all the white and wordless noise
I could hardly breathe.

Have I fallen into a
Moonless sleep?
Will my life play out some
Graceless melody?
Have I been left waiting for this
Dream-lit day to come
Where I can find you holding
A branch of midnight sun?
Track Name: Valleys Whole
Given all these
Wakeful hours
To wasteful modes.
This stillness comes and goes and
Leaves you looking for the
Wherewithal to follow.

Waves pass through
Drifting in between
The abandoned buoys.
The sky is crowded with the
Stars of former selves —
Some loved, all lost.

Staring out from
Wind-torn beaches to
Broken seas;
He'll feel the weight of hollow
Promises you made —
Some for real, some for show.

You drift past
Swallowed mountains and
Valleys whole
Into the darkness of the
Dreamless night you wake —
Forgotten, forsaken.
Track Name: Citizen Zero
Drinking concoctions of flowers and wood;
Vacuous opinions about how the animal is cooked;
Channel the mountains through a chamber of mist;
Paying out the premium for a view of the abyss.

Oh what have I become?

Citizen zero reaps the fruits of the vine —
In ancient constellations watches memories and stars align.

I have been dealing with this sunshine remorse —
Clouded by the feelings of the days that came before.
Daylight if filtered through terrarium glass
Waiting for the moment when the moment's come to pass.

Oh what have I become?

Citizen zero feels the warm evening sun
Touching every window before falling over everyone.

And if you, only if you asked my name,
I would be here with you.
Track Name: River of Forgotten Days
I stood by you —
I stood by watching you fade away.
Silk screen forest,
Stone rabbits on the table
Is all that's left.

All I want for is you.

I don't talk —
I keep it —
Keep it together —
I bottle it up.
See you passing down
A river of forgotten

All I want for is you.
Track Name: Red, Blue, Grey
My future heart —
In a dream she came;
Ribbons of colours down her wrists —
Red, blue, grey.

The silence cursed
Songs of my history;
A half-strung guitar that she plays,
And I know no words;
I follow the daisy chain
To nowhere first —
Drowning in metaphor —
Gonna speak real plain.

The silence choked
Rumours of mysteries;
Dreamt in the colours of sea,
Now I dream in code.
Work for the absence of the weight —
A lightweight soul;
Cling to the perception of the choice —
Gonna be real great.

Future heart —
Can't go back;
Ribbons of colours round her wrist —
Red, blue, black —
And it all goes black.
Track Name: Some Half-Wrung Verse
In the gallery
Where my heroes are hanging,
Gazing at a face so still
I saw roses turn to flames
Coming out of both of her
Ears and her mouth
And you were like a child, so strange,
Couldn't even see me there.

I offered you a hummingbird
On my finger did thrum
And all that I received in return was not a word.
Tried to hit the note that would sing
To your delicate soul
But I didn't even come close.

I've counted every star
In this metropolis sky —
Trapped inside a mania so still,
I feel power, I feel shame;
I burn out and I fall into the gaze of your eyes,
And every word that comes, so strange,
Could you even hear say?

All I ever wanted was
Just some vague idea
That you could find me
Nowhere and next to you at once.
And I could drift away
Like some thin and
Ethereal thing
And you'd find me where the
Light falls in the evening.

I offered you some half-wrung verse
On a nail where it hung
So you could find me
Nowhere and next to you at once.
Tried to hit the note that would sing
To your delicate soul
But I didn't even come close.
Track Name: This Is the Place We'll Call Home
On some mossy table in a
Forest of ferns;
The resonant hollow of a
Grecian urn;
On a lattice of starlight in an
Adamantine chest;
The potpourri bedding of an
Eagle's nest.

Down a red wine well
In a rocket ship shell
This is the place we'll call home.

In some amber casing of a
Dinosaur wing;
In some rare collection of
Ancient things;
In some spoken vesper twixt the
Teeth and the tongue;
In some lullaby that was
Never sung.

To the heedless unknown
We can offer our bones
Find a place to call home.

In a space without time
In the back of your mind
This is the place we'll call home.
Track Name: Shopping Centre Crisis Song
Came wearing a halo —
I knocked back a dram,
In the pleistocene fountain I swam.
I followed the fashion —
In featherlight boots I
Hydroplaned over the moon.
Emaciated mannequins made me
Fear for the future and then —

I stop,
The window reflects,
Try myself on —
Shimmer and smoke —
There and then gone.

Ogling fast cars —
Violent machines
Advancing on rice paper screens;
I joined in the stupor,
Religious in feel —
All falling asleep at the wheel.
Oh, how I've come to despise
All the hateful looks in their eyes.

I stop,
The window reflects —
Day rattles on —
Shimmer and smoke —
There and then gone.

End to diffident end —
Dragging the shame of every fall;
How can I envisage a halcyon picture
When I picture nothing at all?
I made up my mind —
Offered the thought buried in song;
How can I be telling you all that I'm thinking
When all that I'm thinking is wrong?
Track Name: A Swallow or a Thorn
Verse fell into broken word;
The sun fell into rain;
Leaves scattered over war-turned earth
Gathered golden to fade and decay;
Night measured by broken sleep;
Light fell out of days —
And in all confusion of broken thought
From the darkness you came.

Alighting on crooked twig —
A swallow or a thorn;
Both climbing to naked truths
Wasted on wondering what they were for;
Deed drawing from crooked deed;
The past leads the way —
And through all the parsing of unknown worlds,
Undivided, you came.

Wake into song —
Summer stars —
And carry the tune
All your own.